About Me

I am a dreamer...

It began as an idea of building a community for creative people who love crafting, but this site slowly became a window to my life, gathering travel experiences, healthy lifestyle stories, DIY projects for a cozy home and a lot of inspiration.

Hello world!

Let me tell you few words about me…

My name is Iulia (my friends usually call me Giuly). I am a positive thinker, perfectionist who loves transforming things to suit my mood and personality.

A management assistant, a nail technician, an amateur photographer…I don’t really know how to call myself these days. I could talk about my passions for hours.

Whilst the majority of the people are looking at an empty jar and thinking about filling it with the strawberry jam they have prepared, my mind creates this beautiful image of an white painted jar, used as a vase for small pale pink roses, sitting on the nightstand and wishing you every morning to rise n’ shine 🙂

Trust me, ordinary objects can be transformed into stunning pieces of art. That’s why I’m here, to change your perspective…

P.S. : I also use jars for strawberry jam, cuz I have a sweet tooth, when it comes to sugar goodies, but I buy more jars…for the jam and one for the vase 🙂

If you love crafting, exploring the world and you’re a foodie, you will feel right at home here.

I always believed that I have a purpose in life. Hopefully, it’s to inspire…

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