Because the drinks are so delicious, you can’t even stop drinking to talk.


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Few weeks ago I was invited to Bubbleology in Bullring Mall, Birmingham to celebrate their opening.

I didn’t know a lot about them as I never tried their drinks, but they exceeded my expectations. So, what’s their activity all about? They prepare milk and fruit bubble teas.

As you noticed already, I’m crazy about interior design and cosy corners and that was the first thing I noticed when I walked in. I always wanted to have in my house(when I will decide to settle) those hanging chairs, to swing while I’m enjoying my coffee. Well, they have them 🙂 giving the place a more friendly vibe.

You know what I like about this company? They take everyone’s lifestyle into consideration. Let’s be honest, there are so many mixes nowadays, that if you really want to have success as a business, you should take into account this and adapt your products to meet every need.

First of all, they use 100% organic leaves to prepare their teas and they have so many options of flavours that it will take you quite few minutes to decide. But, whatever you will choose, I’m sure you will like and comeback to try the others, so no worries, eventually you will tick every drink on the menu.

Aaaaand, who remembers the chemistry classes when we used to mix everything to experiment? Fun right? Well, you can be a Mixologist and mix your own flavour combinations to make your tummy happy. Go wild with the Oreo! 🙂 They even have a periodic table of calories on their website if you’re counting. I know I did last year and it helps a lot.

What makes these drinks so special? Of course they’re not the regular teas you have in a restaurant. Those bubbles make the experience of having a tea so amazing, that you can’t stop after the first sip.

Firstly discovered in Asia, then spreading to America and Australia, the brand brought the idea of bubble tea in UK. The bubbles are actually chewy tapioca balls, that you just suck up through a straw with every sip.

They will give you the option to choose between milk and dairy free, so the place is suitable for vegetarians. Also, you can ask for a “skinny” version of the drink, with less sugar. Have a look on their website to check the amount of calories and the difference between, here.

Ok, now let me tell you what I liked.

The place is so friendly and cozy and you know what? Have you watched “Riverdale” on Netflix? I have to say if I had a gang like Veronica has, the Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe would be definitely Bubbeology for me. Gathering with friends, having milkshakes (teas here) and deciding the fate of the city :).

I really enjoyed the Kiwi tea and the Nutella flavour. Being the first time that I tried the drink, after the first sip, I didn’t stop until I drank half of it #sorrynotsorry.

I’m in love with layered desserts, so the strawberries and cream was the cherry on top. Visual and taste, on point. I must say, balance is the key for me now in the lifestyle I created. Their drinks are to be considered snacks and they need to be consumed with moderation.  I won’t enjoy their drinks every day, for sure, but I will choose them as a snack when I’ll be craving.

One thing that I think can be improved, is giving up on the plastic straws. But, the company is so opened and willing to bring innovation constantly, that I’m sure they are already thinking about a solution.

Otherwise, the place is amazing and I hope you will give it a try.


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The store is located in Bullring Birmingham, Upper level, opposite Victoria’s Secret.

They have a lot of locations in UK. Check here.

And if you are thinking about a business and have no ideas, they give the possibility to buy a franchise. Go check it out.


Muchos lovos,