Some of you already noticed my obsession lately with the mysterious fog.

Though, I didn’t like it that much in the past. I thought it was scary and it made me sad because I like admiring the nature around me and it didn’t allow me to do so.

Until one day when I went to the mountains with other photographers.

I experienced a lot of weather changes that day. In the morning it was snowing. First snow of the season. I enjoyed it like a kid.

Eventually, we found a nice place on a hill from where we could see the mountains.

I was amazed by the scenery. Beautiful green and autumnish trees surrounded by the gracious fog. I photographed that place until my hands frozen. I wasn’t wearing any gloves as I was not prepared for the trip. Yes, I am that type of girl who says “let’s go!” for any adventure, no matter the conditions.

I covered my hands with my jacket’s sleeves and decided to sit on the ground. That silence tempered my loud thoughts and made me stay still and just gaze. I wanted to forget about everything. To forget the suffering from the last months. That fresh cold air, once hated because it made my nose shiny red, now so cherished for it gave me a wake up call.

I realized I changed. That sweet girl who was daydreaming all the time gave up. I couldn’t find my path. It was like that fog in front of me that surrounded the trees blocked my vision. It became colder. In few seconds we couldn’t see anything. The scenery soon became just a white painting. That fog, that gracious fog embraced the earth like they didn’t touch in ages.

The other photographers sighed deeply : “I can’t believe it, I can’t shoot anymore…”.

I closed my eyes. Because I knew it…it was part of me. I was used to be blind and not feel anymore. Or maybe I felt everything, too deeply and didn’t know what to do, which way to go.

I took a deep breath and just tried to paint in my imagination the trees, the colours, some fluffy clouds and a lil bit of snow. Was that my kind of daydreaming? The one buried deep inside by the fear that things will not turn up the way I imagine? Those scars of fear…

Soon, my busy mind was interrupted by the joyful voice of one of the photographers…”Woooow!”. I had to open my eyes to see. “Brb, reality is calling!”, I thought.

The fog almost disappeared in most of the places. Maybe she (let’s call it a “she”) got upset with the trees and decided to move along, maybe hug the peak of the mountains and then the clouds.

Or the trees just wanted to break up with her. They figured out they shine brighter without her, they can see their companions and have a small talk, they can feel the shy warmth of the sun…

I guess sometimes it’s ok to be in the fog. You have time to realize how did she get there, the whole process. Then it’s ok to chase her away with your dreams and bold plans for the future.

She came back eventually and every few minutes she was moving from a place to another. I guess she didn’t decide whose trees soul to conquer, as they were all daydreaming…So I photographed her dance.

“Should I move also?”

I realised I belong there, to the mountains…Nature does that if you let her in.

I know I changed. But meet me in the fog! Because I can feel the fear now, but I’m doing it anyway!