Hey 🙂

Having an unfair fight lately with time. I think I speak for all of us when I say I wish for the day to have 48 hours.

I am a little behind with posting in real time my thoughts and experiences, but it’s never too late right?

So, grab a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate because time travel is possible on this blog 🙂

December 2016

Two large bags and a girl with big dreams went to discover beautiful Paris during wintertime. Never mind the news received just 2 days before the trip about my flight being canceled. I had to buy a new flight ticket, so everything turned out better. Watched 2 movies during my flights and after 26 hours of no sleep, I finally landed in Paris.

My boyfriend was waiting for me in the airport. After long hugs, we rushed to catch the train. Regardless of this sleepyhead rumbling about flight, clouds, movies, plans, photography etc, he was carefully listening and looking at me with them googly eyes.

I don’t know if it happens in all the big cities, but in Paris is not unusual to hear people singing in the train. But I was still surprised to hear 2 people from my country singing a Romanian song. Of course, we sang with them 🙂

We were still singing when we got into the house…Anyway, we ate something and I stayed in bed with my eyes closed for abt 3 hours :)) Exhausted !!!

But I was not in Paris to play Sleeping Beauty, so as soon as I got up, I got dressed with some cozy clothes and grabbed my BF NIKON and rushed to visit the noisy Paris.

I wanted sooooo much to see the famous Christmas Market thus we started with the Arc de Triomphe and walked all the way on Champs Elysees, until we got there.

From the first minute we got out from the subway station, you can’t imagine the emotions that invaded my mind and soul. I was feeling like the butterflies in my stomach were fighting to be free. I made a double turn like a ballerina for a better view and quickly ran into the street to gaze at the festive sparkle created by the decorated trees along the Champs Elysees.

#Magical right?

Btw, if you are enjoying Christmas windows display, this is the place to be. Creativity everywhere !!!

Even though it was very cold, you could see the joy on people’s faces. You know that feeling when you’re away from home and you finally return and everything seems so familiar? It’s that feeling that you belong there…

As we were approaching the market, the smell of mulled wine, citrus and gingerbread invaded our noses.

The open air stalls offer everything your heart wishes for : chocolate, marshmallows, cheese, culinary treats, handcrafted items, paintings, clothes and decorations. All of that accompanied by traditional singing and dancing.

I was amazed to even see a zoo. Don’t worry, the animals were real size stuffed versions, kind of cyborg, trying to imitate the wildness 🙂

One more thing that captured my attention was an artist that created these wonderful pieces of art using metal. I loved every one of them.

Rumor has it that you are not a true Paris traveler if don’t climb into the Grand Roue.The little swinging cabins will take you up in the sky, for a breathtaking view of the city dancing lights.

I have to tell you I am afraid of heights, but I did it anyway. What did I tell you in my last story? “Courage, lil girl! Amazing things are about to happen…”

I uploaded a new video on my YT channel with everything I thought will bring you some joy and motivate you to visit Paris during this time. I think 11 months are enough to book your December trip, right?

There is nothing like the sparkle of Paris Christmas lights

Hugs and kisses from this munchkin dreamer