Hey lovelies,


I haven’t updated you with a #lifelately post in a while. But I will keep it short until getting really serious with a passport story from Amsterdam.

Let’s see…I’ve just quit my job. It was really emotional to say goodbye to everyone, especially because I loved that job and the friends I made, but sometimes in life you need to choose another path. That evening when I came home, I felt confused as I didn’t have to follow my routine anymore. I didn’t have to go early to bed not to feel tired when I had to wake up @04:30, I didn’t have to meal prep…

I was free to do whatever I wanted.

I could even have taken a train and visit another city. Maybe I could have booked a flight ticket to return to Amsterdam.


Yep, that city has part of my heart. It is specially made for the creative weirdo in me.

I visited it in the past when I bought my car like 5 years ago, but just for a short while and I didn’t have time to enjoy it properly.

The weather in UK was awful the last weeks, I swear spring is avoiding this country the first 4-5 months of the year. And it gets me gloomy as well. Does it happen to you too? Are you also connected to the weather?

But, in Amsterdam we had the best days ever. It happened the same in Paris.

It’s like wherever we go, we bring the sun and when we are heading back to the airport, it starts to rain 😉

Usually, I create like a ‘travel list’ with the places I want to visit, but this time I kind of skipped. I wanted to feel free and discover the streets on my own. Honestly, I felt tired of organising everything as it reminded me so much of work and I wanted to relax, to think about what I want to do next, to photograph, to not worry.

I remember at the beginning of the year I had everything planned, a ‘to do list’ for each step I had to take and now it suddenly changed. Hello?? That’s life, girl. It’s not supposed for all to happen the way you plan. That’s why you need to embrace the changes as you never know what you can discover about yourself.


So, I chose not to use the GPS as often, to eat whatever my body craved for, to lay on the grass and listen to music, to sleep late, to try all the nice restaurants and photograph like crazy. The weather was so nice and I didn’t want to feel trapped in a museum, so this post is for all the foodies, lovers of aesthetic and long walks and vintage addicts.

If I will ever plan to move to Amsterdam (I don’t know what city to choose yet..but that’s another story) I would choose this area :

De Pijp.


Thus, let me tell you about the places I loved. Beside the narrow streets, the architecture of the buildings and some covered in plants (how cool?).

Let’s start with an Instagrammable place. 

1. A small bench with the message “Wake me up when I’m famous”.

I think it’s a cute place, creative and it’s amazing how this effortless built place has become such a tourist attraction. Just have fun taking some pictures because only for standing there and reading that message, trust me it won’t work :)) Reality buzzing (rolling eyes…)

I would have thought people that are living in that area are bothered of all the tourists visiting, but they were passing by smiling, even giving advice how to pose. But still, remember to be respectful to the locals and don’t make that much noise.

Address : Frans Halsstraat 64, 1072 BT Amsterdam


Ok, let’s talk FOOD…

I love junk food whenever I’m traveling. What can I say? It’s part of the experience overall. That does not mean that I will eat only that. I’m a fruit addict and I make some weird salads combinations also #sorrynotsorry.

e.g. #breakfast in the hotel


2.  The Albert Cuyp Market

Wherever I go, markets attract me like magnets. The most busiest street market of Netherlands. Diversity of fresh veggies and fruits, nuts, meat and fish and fresh made traditional Stroopwafels prepared in front of you (drooling rn)

The pic is not from the market, but they were doing similar


I always have a lunch box with me that is empty because I eat all the goodies in plane (guilty) and I use it to carry fresh fruits and nuts as a snack between the burgers, pasta and pizza. Kidding, I usually have one meal of junk food and rest of the day eating normal.

Beside all the fresh goodies I can find, I feel attracted to the multicultural feeling from such a place as it takes into account all different nationalities.

Address: Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam


3. The Blond Amsterdam

PINK. ok, one more time…PINK. I still can’t believe it, I found this place while wondering the streets of the neighbourhood.

I almost walked by, because I was photographing something on the street, then I stopped and I was thinking…did I just saw a LOOOOOT of pink? Yaaaaas! I walked in and boom, memories from childhood with my room painted in white and pink. (if you find this pic on Instagram, I have the story of my room in caption)

The pink coffee shop it serves really good coffee with some amazing cakes and they have a little shop with handpainted pottery and personalised gifts. While I was enjoying my pink cake and pancakes, I was imaging myself coming every weekend there, as a tradition. I would choose the same table everytime, maybe even call it a nickname, but choosing a different dessert and I would write on my laptop or read a book. Hell yeah, I could live here!

You can order online also from their shop, here


Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 44, 1072 LL Amsterdam


4. Marbles Vintage shop

Just a bit further, prepare to be emerged into something vintage cool. There is a second hand shop where I am sure you will find everything you ever dreamed. They have a wide collection of jeans, cowboy boots (yep, they are back!), bags and dreamy dresses.

Address :

Address : Staalstraat 30 Ferdinand Bolstraat 28, Haarlemmerdijk 64, 1011 JM Amsterdam


5. Ohhh, forgot about one shop, that is really close to the Albert market

For all home decor lovers. They have small collections of pottery and decor items, arranged by colour. How cool is that?

And right next to it, if you are really hungry, you can try some herring. I understood pickled herring is a traditional dish in Amsterdam, I didn’t have it, but if you like it, you should.

Address : Albert Cuypstraat 132, Amsterdam, next to Chocolate Bar



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