“Your love was handmade for someone like me…” Love this song, press play ♡


Hey hey ghiocei ♡

In sfarsit au sosit mult asteptatele zile insorite. Primavara isi face simtita prezenta, iar natura incepe incet, incet sa ia vesmintele verzi.

Nu stiu ce va bucura pe voi cel mai mult in sezonul acesta, dar pe mine ma incanta aparitia florilor. Stiu ca cele mai frumoase flori sunt cele din gradina/natura si nu ar trebui sa le culegem, dar din pacate, nu pot respecta mereu acest principiu si ma mai rasfat cateodata cu un buchet de flori.

Mi-am cumparat si o vaza simpla, sa le ofer o casuta pe masura, dar parca nu se potriveste cu stilul meu. Ati cunoscut vreodata sentimentul?Vezi ceva dragut in magazin, dar parca mergea mai bine pe roz pal…ghici ce? Poate sa fie roz pal 🙂

Eu m-am indragostit iremediabil de culoarea cuprului. Nuanta aceea metalica de roz-rosu-bronzuliu ma bine dispune.

Ma face sa ma gandesc la un apus de soare, stiti voi, acela rosiatic care aprinde tot cerul si dispare incet pe linia orizontului, parca pregatindu-i covorul rosu surorii Luna.

Cand eram mai mica, parintii mei aveau o masina mai “matura”. Tata obisnuia sa ne duca des in excursii si avand in vedere ca nu ne permitea regina masina sa circulam cu prea mare viteza, eram mereu lipita de geam si aveam timp sa privesc natura. Ohhhh, cate apusuri…

Am decis sa imi creez propriul apus. Ultima oara cand am fost la vanatoare de vopsea(unii cauta haine, eu articole pentru casa :)), am fost hipnotizata de un spray de vopsea de culoarea cuprului.

Am folosit vopseaua sa transform o vaza simpla de sticla in piesa mea de suflet ♡

Materiale :

-vaza de sticla (IKEA);

-spray vopsea (Dedeman);

-cutie de pantofi;

-banda de hartie cu lipici;



Hey, hey snowdrops ♡

Sunny days, finally! Looks like spring is here and the nature is getting greener everyday.

I dont’ know what makes you happy during this season, but my little soul is filled with joy when seeing so many flowers. I am aware that they are more beautiful growing in the garden/nature and we shouldn’t pick them up. Unfortunately, I cannot follow this advice all the time, so I find myself buying sometime small bouquets of flowers.

I even bought a glass vase, to give them a proper home, but it didn’t seem to match my style. Have you ever felt this? As seeing an object that you really love, but the color doesn’t suit you, like it looked better in pale pink? Well, it could be that pale pink.

I have a crush on copper. That metallic pinkish-reddish-copper shade makes me smile.

It makes me think about a sunset, the one that lightens up the sky in the afternoon and quickly vanishes, prepping this red carpet for the Moon to show up.

When I was a child, my parents owned an older car. My dad used to take us camping very often and taking into account that the oldie grumpy car couldn’t keep up with the other cars, I had plenty of time to gaze outside the window. Jeez, so many sunsets….

So, I decided to create my own sunset. Last time when I went shopping for paint(I know, some of us use to buy clothes, I’m buying home products :)), I fell in love with this copper spray paint.

I used it to paint a simple glass vase and transform it in my favorite piece.

What will you need?

-glass vase (IKEA)

-Spay paint

-shoe box

-sticky paper band



Nu am vrut sa o vopsesc pe toata pur si simplu, asa ca m-am gandit sa las cateva portiuni libere, incat sa se vada tulpinile florilor, sa creeze un contrast. Cu banda de hârtie acoperiți zonele pe care nu le vreți vopsite.  Cheers to creativity! ♡

I did not want to paint it all in copper, so I used sticky paper band to cover  some parts of the vase. Use the sticky paper to cover the parts that are intended to be left clear. Cheers to creativity! ♡

Am folosit o cutie de carton sa protejez zona din jur de vopsea.

I used a shoe-box to make sure I will not paint everything around. 🙂

Am vopsit vaza de doua ori, la interval de 24 ore, pentru a lasa timp primului strat sa se usuce. Abia dupa uscarea celui de-al doilea strat de vopsea, îndepărtați ușor hârtia lipita.

I used two coats of paint, with 24 hours break between coats. After the second coat of paint, let it dry completely and after that, remove the sticky paper, carefully.

Aaaaand….the result.  Whachu think? ♡

My #vanity looks gorgeous now.

Everything is possible. If things don’t look the way you like, make them look !

Make your dreams happen !

All the love, Giuly