#wheretovegan in B’ham?


The first week I arrived in Birmingham, I started missing some things from home. I’m not mentioning my family and friends, I was already missing them since the moment the plane left my country.

I was already used with the military workouts and my eating lifestyle without consuming refined sugar. I was thinking only about the vegan cakes I was preparing at home.

While visiting the city centre for the first time I decided to google about healthy restaurants near by that could have #nosugar sweets. 

That’s how I got to “Natural Bar & Kitchen”. That time they were called different and I am glad they decided to rebrand the whole place, as now they have cooler menus and eye-catching interior design.

I was in love with the warm lights that gave the place a vintage style. I am always drawn by the creative part and that handmade writing on the chalkboard painted walls about their policies and beliefs really makes a difference for me as a consumer. It shows they care and they sustain a more natural way of living.

It took me a while to enjoy the surroundings. I usually just let my things at the table and walk around without caring that much about people. It’s like I create my own world where I want to visually enjoy each idea and concept of presenting their business.

Looking so curious, it didn’t take long for the girls to notice me and ask how I feel and if it is the first time being there. I had a small chat with the management assistant and she presented me their way of working, the ingredients they use and how they stand for making people change their unhealthy habits, giving them options for more nutritive meals.

I always thought beside the good food, a restaurant needs to have that “je ne sais quoi” to always make you come back. 


What’s so different here?


And this one definitely has. It’s a simple concept developed specially for people in a hurry, a word that I think it describes nowadays generation. You just take a plate and choose from the buffet what you wish to eat, what seems more appealing. And trust me, you want to eat everything :)). Than you weigh and pay.

All the foods are plant-based, rich in flavours and vitamins. And the desserts are to die for. Never have I thought I will enjoy #nosugar sweets and plants that much, as I was that kid that puts aside the veggies in the plate.

Still remember that cartoon with the Powerpuff girls and the broccoli scene. Hilarious and sooo me :))

You have plenty of choices to make and they update their menu quite often, introducing vegan burgers and also pizza. How cool is that?

Take your cold or hot dish and decide for a special smoothie or kombucha and your lunch will become heavenly tasty.


You have a variety of desserts with fruits, chocolate or nuts, all without refined sugar.



I tried this brownie with nuts and it confirmed one more time. Chocolate is the love of my life ! And if I can have it as a more healthier version, I’m all in.


Of course I came back several times and tried different dishes. I never thought cauliflower can be that tasty.

In this place I discovered kombucha for the first time and also the green smoothie with spirulina.

It made me research a bit more about the plant based diet and all the delicious plates that I can mprepare with ingredients I didn’t even think about. 

That’s why I love discovering places like this that can have a positive impact on individuals to make a change in their life.


Should I mention they extended the place and introduced live jazz music on Saturdays? Like whaaaat? Best plant based foods and sweets and music? What can you wish more?


Their website : http://www.naturalbar.co.uk

Instagram page 

This is one of the many posts to present you some healthy restaurants from Birmingham, so I hope you will follow me on this journey.