E inca devreme…in camera e semi-intuneric, jaluzeaua e ridicata doar un sfert si abia permite unei raze de lumina sa traverseze camera.

Asternuturile sunt atat de moi, incat nu ma lasa sa ma ridic din pat. Parca se simte un aer rece de toamna…hmm, eu inca ma gandesc la un smoothie racoritor, la capsuni si mare. Nu sunt pregatita de toamna…Azi, e despre mine…azi, ma relaxez. Am luat laptopul in pat, sa scriu cateva randuri.

In ultima vreme, am fost tot mai grabita. Mi se pare ca nu am destul timp sa fac toate lucrurile pe care le vreau. Da stiu, toata lumea pare ca se plange din acelasi motiv.

Dar, mi-am propus sa schimb ceva, sa imi planific mai bine fiecare activitate si sa fac cumva sa imi pot permite sa duc la bun sfarsit toate lucrurile pe care mi le doresc.

Azi, o sa va vorbesc despre o manichiura, care nu necesita mult timp. Simpla, delicata, dar in acelasi timp glammy…

Imi fac singura unghiile.Inainte foloseam gel, dar in functie de modelul pe care mi-l alegeam imi lua intre 3h 30 si 5h sa le fac. Din lipsa de timp, am ales sa folosesc oja semipermanenta. Datorita jobului, trebuie sa pastrez unghiile scurte pentru ca sunt mai comode, asa ca rezista perfect intre 3 si 4 saptamani.

Imi aleg tot mai des modele foarte simple, care nu necesita mult timp de executie, dar in acelasi timp, exprima ceva.Ma ajut de Pinterest, de cele mai multe ori, daca nu am inspiratie, pentru a gasi un model.

Iata ce mi-am ales eu. O prietena mi-a spus ca sunt foarte gingase, ca imi dau un aer diafan.Voi ce credeti?


It’s still early in the morning… the room seems half dark, the window blind it’s only a quarter raised up and hardly lets the light cross the room.

The sheets are so soft and have accepted me as one of their own, that I’m having trouble getting out of bed.

It feels like autumn is aproaching more and more…But I don’t want to break out the sweaters, I’m still thinking about cold smoothies, strawberries and seaside…I’m not ready for fall, yet…

Today it’s about me…it’s my turn to relax. I have my laptop now with me, to write you some of my thoughts.

Seems that lately, 24 hours are not enough for me to do all the things I want.Yeah I know, everyone is saying this.

But, I’m planning to change this and get around my time blockers.

Today, I’ll be talking about a „not that much time to do” manicure. Simple, delicate and glammy in the same time.

I like to do my own nails.I used to have gel nails, but it took me between 3,5 and 5 hours to do them, depending on the design. So, I decided to use gel polish, for less time execution. I need to have short nails for my job, thus they last between 3 and 4 weeks.

I’m keen on simple designs, which don’t require much time to do. For more inspiration, I use Pinterest. It’s my designs supplier.

So, that’s what I chose. What do you think?

La ce ma gandesc eu de fapt…

What I’m really thinking about…


Va arat mai jos pasii de realizare,poate vreti sa incercati si voi. Eu am folosit oja semipermanenta, dar se poate folosi si oja normala sau gel.

You can see below the step by step images. You can choose regular polish, gel polish or gel, for this design.

Have fun !

  • Am folosit o pila de duritate 180 sa iau luciul unghiei naturale si sa dau forma unghiei si am curatat cuticula./ Push your cuticule and remove it from nail plate.Use a 180 file to shape and buff your nails.
  • Am dat pe toate 5 unghiile Gel Bonder si am asteptat sa se usuce 1 minut. Acest pas nu necesita polimerizare in lampa UV / Apply ‘Gel Bonder’ on all 5 nails and allow to fully air dry for abt 1 min. It doesn’t cure in UV lamp.

  • Am dat un strat subtire de gel baza pe toate unghiile si am stat in lampa, timp de un minut./Apply a thin layer of ‘Base Coat’ on all 5 nails and cure it in UV lamp for 1 min.

  • Mi-am ales un gel glitter auriu, care ma duce cu gandul la sampanie 🙂 (e de la Cupio, nuanta Proseco Fine, dar cred ca se numeste Mascarade acum) / Choose a gold glitter gel.I have one from Cupio called Proseco Fine.

  • Cu o pensula subtire, am trasat o dunga pe mijlocul unghiei. Apoi, am polimerizat 2 min in lampa. / Use a thin brush to stroke a line on the middle of tha nail with the gold gel. Cure in UV lamp for 2 min.

  • Am dat doua straturi subtiri de Finish. Primul strat l-am polimerizat 1 min, iar al doilea, l-am polimerizat complet 2 minute. Am asteptat 1 min si le-am sters cu cleanser./ Apply 2 thin layers of ‘Top Coat’. The first one, cure it for 1 min and the second cure it for 2 min.Wipe away the top gel film with cleanser.

Si rezultatul…And the result ♡ ♡ ♡

Daca aveti vreo intrebare, imi puteti scrie ♡

Va las sa va mai delectati cu cateva modele adunate de pe Pinterest.

Gata, deja ziua a inceput…O zi frumoasa si pufoasa ca un pandispan!


♡ If you have any questions, you can comment.

Here are more designs from Pinterest for your inspiration.

Enough already, the day has begun…I wish you a beautiful and sweet like a sponge cake day !