About Me

I am a dreamer...

Hello world!

Let me tell you few words about me…

My name is Iulia (my friends usually call me Giuly). I am a positive thinker, perfectionist who loves transforming things to suit my mood and personality.

A management assistant,  an amateur photographer, a higgle girl…I don’t really know how to call myself these days. 

Born and raised in Romania, recently moved to UK, I am trying to adapt to a different culture and environment.

I took a break last year from writing and social media to discover more things about me, my personality, potential and the path I want to follow. But, now, I’m back, determined to show you parts of my life, what I changed and how I managed to do it and how I am still building the person I always wanted to be.

What I discovered so far, even though I tried to focus more on my career and my personal life, by the end of the day all I wanted to do was to write and share with you what I learned.

So, if you decide to stick around, I must warn you. I’m a brown eyed dreamer, with an affinity for chocolate and healthy foods, that loves exercising and discovering cities all around the world. My friends say I’m addictive. Thus, by the time you will finish reading some posts, you may find yourself working out for a healthier version of yourself or standing in the kitchen eating with both hands an ahhhmazing chocolate banana bread. 

I always believed that I have a purpose in life. Hopefully, it’s to inspire…

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