Hello lovelies,

Hope you had a great first month of the year and you started thinking about those resolutions you had in mind for 2019.

If one of those was to exercise more, your friend here has some tips for you.

I also took a break in December and spent a lot of time on the sofa, watching Netflix, reading, cuddling and trying new recipes, so January demanded for a glorious come back. 🙂

Here are my tips, they’re just small steps for you to enjoy more to do several activities, until you’ll decide you want to go next level.


        1.Leave your car at home and take the public transport. Moreover, get off the bus a stop before your usual stop, to make sure you will walk more.

People underestimate walking, but that’s a very good cardio exercise. You can start at an easy pace for the first minutes and then pick up the pace. It is considered to be a moderate exercise when you reach aprox 3miles/h. Imagine there is a delicious cup of coffee in the office that is waiting for you but it’s getting colder. Hurry up to make sure you’ll drink it warm. It doesn’t cost anything and you will get a lot of benefits, if you’re doing it regularly.


      2. Go shopping for clothes

Ok, this one sounds really strange and maybe it’s more available for women, than guys. We like to spend hours going from a shop to another and buy some nice items. If they’re on sale, even better. Imagine the number of steps just walking in a shopping mall. The thing is, fashion changes all the time and if you wanted to know how the new items, the latest trend look on you, now is the time. To make sure you won’t spend every penny on clothes and eat just bread with tea after :)) , I advise you to take just a certain amount of money and leave your card at home.


       3. Give up on the elevator and take the stairs

I know usually elevators have a good light for selfies, but your legs and booty will be more grateful for your decision to take the stairs.


       4. Exercise while you’re watching your favourite TV show/series

Everyone is crazy about Netfilx nowadays and I’m sure you’re already crazy about some series. You can choose to watch it in your living room where you have more space and connect it to your TV so you make sure you can still see while you’re moving. One thing I learned at work? You need to be able to do more things in the same time. My favourite exercise to do while watching a movie? Squats. At least 3 series of 30. You could strike for 100 though. Round and nice number.

I could tell you to just replace the activity of watching one episode with exercising, but let’s say this is a way to do them both. And it’s better than not doing anything. Imagine if you’re watching Netfilx every day. 100 squats/day it’s always better than zero.


      5. Choose a different activity to do every weekend

I’m sure you are curious to try new things so why not go crazy and book some sessions of climbing, dance lessons, box, paintball, skating? You never know what you would like if you never try. Just google for the activity you want in your city and book a session. Take a friend if you are shy to go alone and prepare to laugh like crazy. Either you will like it and be sorry you haven’t discovered it earlier or you will realize it’s not for you, but you still had fun trying it.

One thing that everyone is afraid I think, it’s to have regrets for not experiencing more activities.

You can also travel to a different city, take your backpack, your favourite snacks and start walking to visit the surroundings.  


And as a last tip, listen to more music while you are at home. I bet there are some songs that will make you stand up from the sofa and perform a little dance. Even for 10 minutes.


Gracias for reading,

See you soon!