“-Tata, ma ajuti sa modific balconul sa imi creez un spatiu numai al meu pentru proiectele handmade?

-Stiu ca iti doresti de mult. O sa amenajam, cat de curand. Ma bucur ca faci ceea ce iti place.”Ultima fraza imi suna in minte de fiecare data cand ma gandesc la el si cand incep un nou proiect.

Astazi, m-am gandit la el mai mult ca oricand. Ar fi trebuit sa fie ziua lui…in loc de “La multi ani” si o imbratisare lunga, ma uit la fotografii si imi amintesc momentele petrecute impreuna. Mereu m-a indemnat sa aleg sa lucrez intr-un domeniu care imi place cu adevarat, pentru ca de fapt nu as simti ca lucrez. Sau sa descopar o pasiune. Regret nespus ca nu am imagini, impreuna cu el mai recente, cele mai multe sunt din copilarie.

Poate acesta este si motivul pentru care am facut o pasiune pentru fotografie, dupa ce l-am pierdut.

#De ce imi place atat de mult?

Ma uit pe vizorul aparatului si SIMT lumea care ma inconjoara. Stiu ca atunci cand apas pe buton, capturez emotie si sentimente. Desi mintea noastra este capabila sa memoreze momente importante, fotografia respectivelor evenimente ne va face sa resimtim aceleasi trairi.

Mi se pare ca oamenii au uitat sa “priveasca” o fotografie. Mi-ar placea ca in locul banalelor expresii, un cuplu care isi rasfoieste albumul si spune de exemplu: “ce bine am iesit in poza asta” sa fie inlocuit de “imi amintesc momentul, aici, m-ai invitat la dans.Era melodia noastra. Te priveam si imi doream sa nu se mai termine…”.

Sunt la inceput de drum. Invat totul de una singura, experimentand. Ce stiu sigur este ca nu vreau sa imortalizez imagini, vreau sa imortalizez sentimente.

Acum putin timp, am avut prima sedinta de fotografii portret. Cred ca au fost cele mai amuzante doua ore. Eu mi-am facut un plan si am citit foarte mult despre acest tip de fotografie, iar modelul meu, de fapt nu a pozat niciodata. Ne-am incurajat una pe alta.

Am ales Gradina Botanica ca locatie, in apropierea pranzului.

La inceput, am facut cateva poze de proba, pentru a alege setarile potrivite conditiilor pe care le aveam.

“-Bun, incepem. spun eu 🙂 . (Desi imi tremurau degetele si simteam o explozie de fluturi in stomac).

Oana : -Nu am mai pozat niciodata asa, nici nu stiu cum trebuie sa stau.”

-Nici eu. ” (Si ne bufneste rasul pe amandoua). Fii naturala, incearca sa te gandesti la situatii din viata ta si cum ai reactiona.

Am incercat diferite expresii asociate cu tot felul de evenimente: uitatul lung la baiatul de care iti place, visatul cu ochii deschisi, obtinerea unei note slabe la facultate, “abia ce am primit primul salariul” mood etc. Binenteles, am pus in practica si ceea ce am invatat de la alti fotografi experimentati. Si mai ales, m-am cocotat pe toate bancile si scarile, incercand sa scot cele mai reusite cadre.

Am vorbit si am glumit mult. Iar in timpul acesta, apasam pe buton. Nu puteam sa pierd acel ras natural. 🙂

Ea s-a obisnuit cu titlul de “model”, iar eu nu ma mai opream din fotografiat. Sper ca ati intalnit si voi acest sentiment de satisfactie.

“-Hai sa promitem ca o sa o facem din nou”.

Puteti vedea fotografiile mai jos. Am incercat sa le pastrez cat mai naturale, dar am si editat cateva, intr-un mod mai “dramatic”.

M-as bucura sa aud gandurile voastre si sunt deschisa la orice sugestie/ sfat. 🙂


“-Dad, will you help me modify the balcony so I can finally have my own space for my DIY projects?

-I know you were wishing this for so long, we will do it as soon as possible. I’m happy that you are doing what you really like.”

I remember this last phrase every time I’m thinking about my Dad or when I’m starting a new project.

Today more than ever…It was supposed to be his birthday. Instead of wishing “Happy Birthday!” and give him a long sweet hug, I am looking at our pictures and thinking about our family moments. He always wished for me a job that I really love doing, because I wouldn’t feel like working at all. Or to passion about something. The thing that I regret most is not having more recent photos with him, the majority of them are from my childhood.

Maybe that would be the reason why I discovered my passion for photography, after I lost him.

#Why do I like so much photography?

Looking through my camera, it’s like I can FEEL the world around me. I know that when I’m shooting, I’m capturing emotions and feelings. Although, our mind is perfectly capable to recall the best moments in our life, in my opinion, images are the ones who make us relive the moments.

Nowadays, it seems to me, that people have forgotten to “look” at a picture.  I would love to hear them say things like “I remember this moment. Our song was playing and you asked me for a dance. I was looking at you and wished it would never stop”, instead of a throw-away line like “we were looking so good”.

It hasn’t been long since I’m photographing.  I am self-studying  and experimenting a lot. However, what I know for sure is that I don’t want to just capture images, but FEELINGS. I need my pictures to say a story. There is a long road ahead of me to accomplish this, but I am going to work hard.

Few time ago, I had my first portrait session. The most funniest 2 hours. Of course, I made a plan and read a lot about portrait photography, but it didn’t mean it was going to be easy. My model never posed. Thus, we encouraged each other.

I chose Botanical Garden, near lunchtime.

First, I took some test shots so I could be able to choose the appropriate settings on my camera.

“-Ok, I’m ready! ” I said with a huge smile…(the hell I was, my hands were shaking and felt like I got 1 billion butterflies in my stomach).

Oana : “-I have never posed.I don’t even know what to do!

Me : “-Neither do I!” (And we burst into laughter)…Just be natural, think about different situations from your life and how would you react to them.”

We tried a lot of moods : gazing at the boy you like, dreaming with the eyes wide open, getting a bad grade at school, just being paid your first salary etc.  I remembered to experiment also what I read from other photographers and of course I found myself climbing on all benches and stairs, just to get the perfect look.

We talked and laughed like crazy. Meantime, I was photographing. I couldn’t allow myself to miss that natural laughter, “from the heart” :))

She got used with posing and I couldn’t stop photographing. I hope you too had this feeling of excitement for one thing.

-“Pinky promise we will do it again?”

Thus, here are my results.  I tried to keep the photos as natural as I could. But I also tried some dramatic looks.

Please feel free to ask me anything you want to know. I would like to hear your thoughts. Also, I am open for suggestions/advice. 🙂

Camera : NIKON D5200

Lens : 50 mm 1.8 G

Edit : Lightroom


And a snap of the #photographer :