Decisions for a #betterme


When I was telling you I took some time off to discover more about myself and the things I want to change in order to become the person I always wanted to be, I realised it’s not only about changing me as an individual, but I need to take into account also the environment I’m living in.

Most of the time we stumble upon what we wish for ourselves and I can say society played a big role to this perception. Since we are children, we are being taught we need to go to a good school, to get high grades in order to have a well paid job, a house and a car, following a family (not particularly in this order) for which we need to provide the best, transforming us into a bit selfish persons, living more in the present. They don’t teach us we need to consider also the future of our children, that they need a clean environment, to breathe fresh air, to swim in waters that are not polluted and that we can do something about it.

Maybe we don’t possess much resources to really jump into activities like cleaning the oceans, but for sure there are a lot of things we can do as individuals to make a difference.

Small steps taken by each person and encouraging others to do the same will contribute to a bigger change.


Here are some habits I let go and adopted new ones to help protect the environment.

1. I gave up on plastic straws.

Even though I was using them in a lot of food photography projects, because I thought it gave a different note and it made me feel like I was having a nice meal in a restaurant, but I was just at home in PJs. Again, did I think what it does to the environment? Noup. Selfish 🙁 Now, if I am going out I specifically mention I do not want a plastic straw. An alternative to the plastic straws are the bamboo ones, that are reusable. Like in real life, there is always something we can replace that doesn’t harm the world around us.

You can buy bamboo straws from here :



2. I stopped buying the plastic bags from the supermarket

And I am using my own cloth bag and my backpack to carry the groceries. Maybe I can’t carry much, meaning I need to go more often to buy my supplies, but that also implies exercising more. My legs and bums will thank me later. 😀


3.  I recycle my garbage.

I come from a country where this activity is not that much taken into account, but here in UK they do follow the recycling rules.


4.  I always carry a metallic fork or spoon in my bag

When is good weather outside, I am eating my lunch in the park. And sometimes, I find myself buying some healthy snacks after a busy day in the office. So, either I take some cutlery from home or from the canteen at the office. 

This way I avoid buying the plastic cutlery.


5.  I am reusing the jars that I bought from the supermarket

Either I am transforming them into flowers vases or food containers. We love those well organised kitchens where all spices have their place and its easier to reach them. 

6.  I use reusable cups when I’m buying coffee from the shops.

I am not aware if in Romania it’s the same, but here in UK there are a lot of coffee shops that give you a discount if you use a reusable cup.

And why shouldn’t you? There are so many alternatives now like the travel mugs or ceramic ones, that have some really nice design to suit your personality.


7. I stopped buying bottled water

 I am using a glass bottle which I’m filling with filtered water. You can also use a stainless steel one.


8. I am not buying that much cosmetics packed into plastic bottles

I am focused to find more organic products, that are either packed in glass jars or in a raw state.

A good example are the Lush products, that you can find here.


9. I admit I still use my meal prep containers that are made of plastic, but I am washing them and reusing all the time

2 reasons why it’s better to meal prep. I know exactly what I am eating with macros included and I am saving a lot of money, as I am not buying my lunch from the restaurants that guess what? They offer take away in plastic containers which you just throw after you eat.

Now, I am using more glass jars for my salads as I realised it’s a better way to keep the veggies fresh. I will show you some ideas in the next posts.


10. I have a look on Pinterest

You may ask what does this has to do with protecting the environment. Well, that’s an addictive app where you can find all sort of DIY projects to recycle the plastic. Bet, you didn’t know plastic can look so appealing if transformed? Let me show you some inspiration :



Now, that you heard my 10 ways of becoming a more friendly person with the environment, tell me…what are you willing to do to provide a better future for your loving ones?