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Whenever I travel, my soul changes, as every place becomes a part of me somehow. So, for the sake of your soul, go and explore.

It may seem that it's cooler to own a lot of things, but it's more exciting to have stories to tell.

In the end, you won't remember the time spent at work or doing home chores. So, book that trip.

My passport stories

But first, we eat, then we travel.

And you know what rhymes with EAT? FIT.

Eat well, workout and your body will reward you.

The only thing I like almost like traveling is eating. Not just eating...but healthy eating.

Food mood
Food mood


Who am I?

A brown eyed girl based now in Birmingham, UK still searching for a place to settle

Fill your life with adventures

Where to next?

Travel as much as you can.

I love food and I love to be fit. What it's going to take?

Follow me on @heart.that.plate to see how I do it !

  Ceata. Aproape tot drumul Galati-Bucuresti a fost in ceata. Ma urmareste. In continuare este parte din mine. Ma tot uit in zare poate reusesc sa imi dau seama cum...
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